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Exercise Log 2.9.15 (Deadlift & Squat Day)

By phoebusapollo on Mon Feb 09 2015

Deadlift & Squat Day, cycle 6. Not sure why but I’ve felt a bit low energy during this whole workout cycle, attributing it to feeling rather sick in a couple workouts after this. Deadlift (w/Weight Belt): 1) 5 @ 285lbs. 2) 3 @ 305lbs. 3) 2 @ 320lbs. Singles to failure @ 330lbs, but was […]

Exercise Log 2.8.15 (Cardio Only)

By phoebusapollo on Sun Feb 08 2015

Had a fun ski trip for some cardio, not very good at it but didn’t fall down at all so it was fun times. Probably 3 hours, which equivicates to… I dunno. Enough cardio to feel good about doing it. Plus fun!

Exercise Log 1.21.15 (Squat & Bench Press Day)

By phoebusapollo on Wed Jan 21 2015

Squat & Bench Press Day, cycle 3. Pause Squats: 1) 9 @ 135lbs. 2) 9 @ 155lbs. 3) 9 @ 135lbs. Climbing 2’s to failure: 2 @ 180lbs. 2 @ 195lbs. 2 @ 205lbs. Plus extra sets of 1 @ 215lbs & 1 @ 220lbs. Bench Press: 1) 6 @ 145lbs. 2) 6 @ 145lbs. […]

Exercise Log 1.15.15 (M600)

By phoebusapollo on Thu Jan 15 2015

Was going to go for a run today but wanted to stay in at home, what better solution than to go to my old fat burner mainstay of doing HIIT exercise… this time the good ol’ M100. Burpees, mountain climbers, bodyweight squats till I feel like dying… 100 total reps each round. A great reminder […]

Exercise Log 1.7.15 (Squat & Bench Press)

By phoebusapollo on Wed Jan 07 2015

Squat & Bench Press day, cycle 1. Squat: 1) 3 @ 180lbs. Sets 2-4) 3 @ 195lbs. 5) 3 @ 205lbs. 6) 3 @ 210lbs. Bench Press: 1) 6 @ 145lbs. 2) 6 @ 145lbs. 3) 6 @ 150lbs. Interesting part of this was my calculations put me in the middle of both weights for […]


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