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Exercise Log 11.1.13 (Ab & Fun Day, No Cardio)

By phoebusapollo on Fri Nov 01 2013

Just a quick log of tonight’s short exercise. I’m still resting up from arm day, tricep day was actually super effective and my triceps still hurt, so going to the gym for chest day (after tricep work) is out of the question… just requires too much triceps for most chest pressing exercises and I don’t […]

Exercise Log 10.31.13 (Rest Day Thoughts)

By phoebusapollo on Thu Oct 31 2013

So on rest day I think that’s a good time to sit back and take a catalogue of where you stand when it comes to personal fitness and goals, etc. I weighed myself today (don’t do it every day) but found my weight has not changed at all (159.5). This is good in the sense […]

Exercise Log 10.30.13 (Arm Day – Triceps Only + Cardio)

By phoebusapollo on Thu Oct 31 2013

Another post-work nap day, I don’t get why my body wants to shut down right in the mid-afternoon but it’s getting kind of hard to shake off the nap bug lately. I have two rest days coming up which I hate, but begrudgingly accept. Tomorrow I work late, plus it’s Halloween so I wouldn’t want […]

Exercise Log 10.29.13 (Arm Day – Biceps Only, No Cardio)

By phoebusapollo on Tue Oct 29 2013

I’m feeling a bit spent from the deadlifts and squats this week, and upon arriving at the gym I promptly took a 30 minute nap in my car. Feeling a bit groggy and low on energy, I immediately realized doing a full workout would not be a good idea. So instead of doing the full […]

Exercise Log 10.28.13 (Leg Day + Cardio)

By phoebusapollo on Mon Oct 28 2013

I’m going to write out these exercise logs to just get in the habit of laying down my thoughts, but don’t be surprised if in a week or two I spare you guys a little bit by just making them simple notations of the exercise done without commentary. So long as it’s fun for me […]

Exercise Log 10.27.13 (Back & Shoulder Day, No Cardio)

By phoebusapollo on Mon Oct 28 2013

Back day today was a pain… in the back! Ya get it? Back and shoulder day is always a fun time, because I got plenty to learn and do with all my back exercises. After warmups I got straight into bent over rows, grabbed an 80lb curl bar and did a set, incremented up to […]

Exercise Log 10.26.13 (Jack o’ Lantern Jog ’13)

By phoebusapollo on Sun Oct 27 2013

Alright today had a pretty fun time, just thought I’d make a short record of how I performed for the first of the two 5K’s I’d been training for. This one was the Jack o’ Lantern Jog that took place out in Canonsburg, PA. My pacing was sorted out by this time and I had […]

Exercise Log 10.25.13 (Cardio only)

By phoebusapollo on Fri Oct 25 2013

This is a short log just keeping a record of the week’s happenings. Friday’s workout was only a short jog, 1.8 miles to get breakfast then 1.8 back. My pace wasn’t really intended to test anything, but the weather was similar to what I was expecting for Saturday’s 5K and I wanted to test my […]

Exercise Log 10.24.13 (Chest Day + Cardio)

By phoebusapollo on Fri Oct 25 2013

Today was another “beginning again” day for me at the gym, this time with chest work instead of the squat work I had done the day before. My focus today was the bench press, and trying to wean myself off the smith machine. Chest day is a fun day for me because it’s all about […]

Exercise Log 10.23.13 (Ab & Fun Day, No Cardio)

By phoebusapollo on Wed Oct 23 2013

Quick note from the latest exercise routine. Today was Fun Day which by default is ab work with a “challenge”. I’ve been absorbing information about squatting and trying to make myself a better squatter, so today I was calling for a special “squat-topia” training day for my challenge. Short story on squatting and me is […]

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