Exercise Log 10.30.13 (Arm Day – Triceps Only + Cardio)

Another post-work nap day, I don’t get why my body wants to shut down right in the mid-afternoon but it’s getting kind of hard to shake off the nap bug lately. I have two rest days coming up which I hate, but begrudgingly accept. Tomorrow I work late, plus it’s Halloween so I wouldn’t want to be out doing anything like working out anyways and Friday I have the extra time but I don’t want to put any serious strain on my body because Saturday morning I have another 5K to participate in. I might however do chest day on Friday evening, which shouldn’t impact my race performance, we’ll see…

Today was part two of arm day, as I mentioned yesterday I hit the sleepy time tea and just felt too groggy to do a full arm workout so I only did biceps yesterday. Plus as I said before, I was a bit hammered from the squats and deadlifts the week before so it was nice to have a day just to focus on one body part. So I was working on just triceps today, and I needed to get a solid run in to prepare for the 5K as well afterwards.

My tricep workout in short: warmups (tricep extension machine, 3 sets, 2 light 1 heavy), overhead curl bar tricep extensions (4 sets, moderate weight, 8-10 reps), overhead tricep dumbbell extensions (moderate weight 2 sets, heavier weight 2 sets, heaviest weight 1 set to failure), bosu ball balancing tricep overhead extensions w/curl bar (4 sets, light weight, trying to focus on staying steady on ball), tricep hip presses w/curl bar (heavy weight, 80lb, 4 sets of 8 reps), french press on bench (bar behind head, moderate-heavy weight 3 sets, heavier weight 1 set, 8-10 reps), rope handled suspension machine tricep pulldowns (increasing weight, 4 sets, 6-10 reps going down as weight goes up), and suspension overhead tricep curls (one hand at a time, incrementing weight, 5 sets to failure). Really the only exercises I forgot were tricep kickbacks and dips, which come to think of it are pretty major, but I pushed a little extra weight on all sets and more reps so I felt like I got a good workout in for my triceps.

After the tricep workout was over I hit the treadmill and tried to rev up to my 5K pace. I ran a full 5K distance, at 2.1 miles in I revved up to my “finishing mile” pace but couldn’t maintain the higher pace for more than say .6 miles, leaving me to need to rest for .1 mile or so then try to kick up the pace again. Despite the ups and downs for the final mile, I did manage to beat my 5K PR time by 40 seconds (this is the second time on the treadmill I hit this time). My next 5K shouldn’t have the hills the previous 5K did, so I should be able to hit this time this Saturday… *fingers crossed*

Okay that’s all for today’s log, short and sweet because it wasn’t about learning anything new it was just about executing.

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