Exercise Log 10.29.13 (Arm Day – Biceps Only, No Cardio)

I’m feeling a bit spent from the deadlifts and squats this week, and upon arriving at the gym I promptly took a 30 minute nap in my car. Feeling a bit groggy and low on energy, I immediately realized doing a full workout would not be a good idea. So instead of doing the full arm day, I did half of it and will do the other half tomorrow, and omit “ab & fun” day from my regular rotation. I think I really need the rest time, despite having a weekend of resting really the deadlifts/squats were just a lot of energy to regenerate especially doing them back to back. I may modify my regular rotation to put the squatting and deadlifts further apart, especially since deadlift day is when I work out my scapula adductors which are important for squat day, so in a span of 24 hours I expended them and then relied on them for squatting… my upper back is sore due to that still. Definitely need to improve my standard rotation to improve muscle recovery…

Quick record for my personal sake of what I did today: warmup (60 pushups + 3 sets 12 reps 20lb fully supinated/pronated bicep dumbbell curls), 50lb underhand grip curls (4 sets, 8 reps), 40lb dumbbell concentration curls (forced negatives at failure, 4 sets 6 reps), 70lb curl bar standard curls (4 sets of 6 reps, heavy weight for me), bare barbell chest curls (bring up barbell tight to chest with elbows back to really bring the bicep short, 4 sets 8 reps per set), preacher curl machine curls (started with 1 rep max, then 3 rep sets at one notch down, did 3 sets at that weight then did 3 more 6-rep sets one more notch down, finally bringing it down yet another notch and doing a lighter set to failure which was like 8-10 reps), lastly chin-ups (28 reps with a few assisted by a little pushoff as my biceps were getting tired by this point).

I feel like I forgot something, but yeah that was about an hour, which for me tonight was about all I had the energy to do. So tomorrow, I can use my time to focus on my triceps and polish off my arms, and tonight I can rest easy. I’ll have to get some good cardio in tomorrow though, given I skipped it tonight, so going to rest up. My body was sending cues all day that it wasn’t up to a full performance but I feel like I adapted and responded well enough… just gotta pay more attention to it next time.

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