Exercise Log 12.22.14 (Inbetween Workout)

Okay, cycle 5 ended on the week of Christmas. While I have more time, I know in this week that coming up there will be a big gap where the gyms will be closed and I’ll have plans. So I decided rather than jump into cycle 6, I’m going to do a few inbetween workouts to keep myself fresh. My deadlift over the last few weeks has felt flat, so I decided working on that is a priority today, as well as the extra bench work.

Pause Bench Press: 3 sets of 3 @ 155lbs. Then 2 reps @ 165lbs. A drop set of 8 reps @ 135lbs. Then 12 reps @ 115lbs.

Deadlift: This was a little odd, as at the busier LA Fitness I was asked (and had been before) to let the weights down on mats because they don’t want customers getting distracted by clang banging. While I am not gentle with my deadlift weights, I sort of think it’s silly considering how much clang banging legitimately strong people do there that to my knowledge does not get questioned. Anyways, not a big deal, I decided to try foam mats. While I liked the foam mats in and of itself, they do raise the weights from the ground by a small bit (maybe a quarter of an inch) and my brain does not know whether to consider that as a slight cheat in doing the pull. Anyways, enough meandering, because I hit a new PR here and later would validate that I am strong enough to legitimize it. My form and everything felt real good on this workout. 1) 5 @ 280lbs. 2) 3 @ 300lbs. 3) 2 @ 310lbs. 4) 1 @ 320lbs. I felt real good so tried for a new PR and hit it, 1 @ 335lbs. No chaulk so pretty good. Drop sets of 1 @ 305lbs, 2 @ 295lbs, 3 @ 275lbs.

This was just a workout to keep me fresh, so that was plenty for today.

Did a 2.5 mile run at Monroeville Community College before this workout.

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