Exercise Log 10.22.13 (Arm Day + Cardio)

Typical arm day so this log will be short. Got to the gym late today (took another midday nap in my car) and it was packed, all of Monroeville seemed overly busy today for whatever reason.

After warming up I hit a curl bar, started heavy (for me) with a 70lb curl bar and did some basic curls, then got down and did some tricep/chest presses from the floor (4 sets, 6-8 reps for the curls and 10 for the presses). Felt like this was a good start so I grabbed some 30lb dumbbells, heavier than I normally use for this step and did my fully wrist pronated to supinated bicep curls (my favorite replacement for hammer curls) superset with tricep kickbacks (4 sets again 8 reps for the curls 10 for the kickbacks). Decided to keep the momentum going by doing some 21’s paired with french presses from the floor. For what I mean by both, I first link a video by Scooby for his “21’s” exercise and then a link from Scott Herman showing the french press (skullcrushers), I do them on the floor though which is a tip I got from Scooby. Good to see how these different tips all congeal into a workout routine.

Scooby explains 21’s

Scott Herman illustrates the french press

Honestly I would do this part on the bench, but the damn gym gets too busy for that. It gave my triceps a hell of a burn though especially after the kickbacks. So after this I hit up a heavy concentration curl with a few forced negatives (not many) on a 40lb dumbbell, with tricep overhead presses (6 reps curls, 12 reps overhead press, 4 sets). Then yet another superset, my favorite for a great muscle pump, bosu ball balanced overhand grip curls on a lighter weight curl bar (10 reps) with overhead tricep curl bar presses (12 reps) for 4 sets. This got a little difficult as I proceeded, maybe fatigue or just the balancing ball added in it’s factor, but I tried to keep my focus and keep pushing.

Still wasn’t done yet though, got some overhead rope machine bicep curls (from above the plane of my shoulders to the back of my head), 4 sets of that then 4 sets on the same machine of rope handled pulldowns for triceps. Then, lastly, wrapped up with 4 sets of chin-ups (7 reps) superset with tricep dips (7 reps) making sure to keep my body vertical as much as possible for the dips to focus on the tricep area and I definitely noticed the focus doing this.

Can’t forget some cardio, I did 2 1/2 miles at my 5K goal pace, tapped myself out a little early and had a handful of walking breaks, feel like my conditioning is wearing out a little. Hoping though the runs like the one tonight will keep me primed enough to beat my 5K time though. We’ll see!

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