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Exercise Log 2.16.15 (Dev Day)

By phoebusapollo on Mon Feb 16 2015

Dev Day, cycle 6. A couple days off for rest and work over the weekend, which was my first real time back at work after my long vacation, I decided to just recuperate and enjoy myself. Was real excited to get in the gym and get back to work. Deadlift: Decided to do a low […]

Exercise Log 2.7.15 (Dev Day)

By phoebusapollo on Sat Feb 07 2015

Dev Day, cycle 5. Needing a change of pace and an evening to myself, I decided to work out at home today. Need to hit dips and pull ups, push-ups and then do some bis & tris. Limited weights at home, but future plans to build a home gym, so did what makes the most […]

Exercise Log 1.31.15 (Dev Day)

By phoebusapollo on Sat Jan 31 2015

Dev Day, cycle 4. Bench Press: 1) 5 @ 155lbs. 2) 5 @ 155lbs. 3) 5 @ 155lbs. 4) 3 @ 165lbs. 5) 2 @ 170lbs. 6) 4 @ 145lbs. 7) 4 @ 145lbs. Decline Bench Press: 3 sets of 6 @ 155lbs. Overhead Press: 3 sets of 5 reps @ 85lbs. Arnold Press: 4 […]

Exercise Log 1.23.15 (Dev Day)

By phoebusapollo on Fri Jan 23 2015

Dev Day, cycle 3. Pause Bench Press: 1) 5 @ 150lbs. 2) 5 @ 150lbs. 3) 5 @ 155lbs. 4) 4 @ 160lbs. 5) 2 @ 165lbs. 6) 1 @ 170lbs. 7) 7 @ 145lbs, one rep in this set was touch and go so feel like I chose the right intensity for this exercise. […]

Exercise Log 1.14.15 (Dev Day)

By phoebusapollo on Wed Jan 14 2015

Dev Day, cycle 2. Kind of a weird dev day, since I wanted to do deadlifts but also wanted to do bench press and arms. I wanted also to do rear delts, but fatigued a little early so cut that out of the workout. Deciding to move rear delt work to DL/SQ day, where most […]

Exercise Log 1.8.15 (Dev Day)

By phoebusapollo on Thu Jan 08 2015

Dev Day, cycle 1. Today’s focus was pressing from different angles, rear delts, bis and hamstrings. Decline Bench Press: 1) 5 @ 165lbs. 2) 5 @ 165lbs. 3) 4 @ 170lbs. 4) 3 @ 175lbs. Overhead Press: 1) 4 @ 105lbs. 2) 3 @ 105lbs. 3) 5 @ 95lbs. 4) 5 @ 95lbs. 5) Drop […]

Exercise Log 12.31.14 (Dev Day)

By phoebusapollo on Wed Dec 31 2014

Had some plans this evening since it was New Year’s eve, but made sure to hit the gym first. Dev Day, cycle 6. Last day of Mesocycle 5… lots of planning ahead to prepare for the next mesocycle. Focus was rear delts, traps and the tri’s and bi’s. Face Pulls: 5 sets of 8 @ […]

Exercise Log 12.21.14 (Dev Day)

By phoebusapollo on Sun Dec 21 2014

Developmental Day, cycle 5. Barbell Trap Shrugs: Started with these as the gym was busy and it was open. 5 sets of 5 reps @ 225lbs. Pause Bench Press: 3 sets of 5 reps @ 145lbs. Chin-ups / Dips: 4 sets of 5 reps ea. @ bodyweight. Just not developed enough in these to add […]

Exercise Log 12.14.14 (Dev Day)

By phoebusapollo on Sun Dec 14 2014

Dev day, cycle 4. Had to catch up on biceps, and had to get shoulder work in since I did so much benching this week (4 days of benching with extra sets). Dumbbell Bicep Curls: 3 sets of 8 reps @ 35lbs. Spider Curls: 4 sets of 8 reps @ 50lbs. Seated Bicep Preacher Curls: […]

Exercise Log 12.7.14 (Dev Day)

By phoebusapollo on Sun Dec 07 2014

Dev Day with a friend of mine (Jeff), cycle 3. Did all the main three lifts since I had a partner. Very low energy day though, for some reason. Bench Press: 1) 5 reps @ 155lbs. 2) 8 reps @ 135lbs. 3) 3 reps @ 165lbs. Drop set of 10 reps @ 95lbs just to […]


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