Exercise Log 10.18.13 (Chest Day, No Cardio)

So running on a one week deficit from my workout cycle due to a lot of unplanned rest days or distraction days, normally my cycle is less than one week to fully rotate over, so we’ll see how that goes. Anyways I’m recording this info about chest day a day after, so my recollection will be limited.

First goal today was to try bench pressing dumbbells on the bench, normally I do my dumbbell presses on the floor. Weight floor was super busy so that limited my routine quite a bit, I don’t like changing weights with everyone all around so usually I just stick with what I grab. So after warmups I hit the bench for dumbbell pressing, and took a relatively light to moderate weight of 45lbs and since it was a little less than I had desired (like I said weight floor was busy so I wasn’t swapping weights back and forth a lot, sticking with whatever I grabbed), I went ahead and pressed 10-12 reps for 4 sets with a drop set of 25lbs at the end. I did inclined bench work for the upper part of my chest with dumbbell presses too, and flat bench presses on the smith machine. I tried on the smith machine to hit as much weight as I could, but found myself struggling a bit on it. The back of the gym has some nice declined benches far away from the weight rack, so I took some 25lb dumbbells over there and did declined flies. Then I supersetted the flies with squeezing presses which were fairly effective I felt… take one of the dumbbells, squeeze it end to end with both hands as hard as possible and just go slowly up and down while squeezing. Only hazard of this exercise on the declined bench was the constant fear of slipping the weight out of your hand and having it fall on your face, but perhaps if anything that just made me squeeze it harder so it wouldn’t slip.

I really wanted to hit chest hard and felt like the busy floor kept me away from a lot of what I wanted to use. So I took some heavier dumbbells (this time 55lb) and did some floor bench presses, this time high number of sets and low volume, doing 16 sets of 3 reps. The constant reset to dead position was very nice and made me more fully flush out my chest. I think all said I’m forgetting one or two exercises that I also hit, but this is good enough of a record for today… one of these days I’ll have to figure out an easy way to record what I’m doing properly for writing it down later.

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