Exercise Log 10.12.13 (Back & Shoulder Day + Cardio)

Just got back from a fun workout on back day and set some new personal records to aim to beat in the future.

First for back day I did some deadlifts, and did 2 sets of 3 reps each at 225lbs which for me is the most I’ve ever deadlifted by a margin… my previous deadlifts I felt good with were a whole 90 lbs less. Those were my fourth and fifth sets as well after three more normal weight sets working my way up to it, then I did a sixth set as a drop set after I realized I’d hit my limit for a real good burn. I also did a new exercise for the upper back – upright curl bar rows – then standard lower back exercise bent over rows. I also did the t-bar row on the machine for more upper back, hit upper back really good. Finished the back workout with a handful of wide grip pullups and then some chin ups to fill out a set, for 3 sets.

Then shoulders! It’s a workout to actually recall my workout but here goes… did some dumbbell military presses with some reasonably heavy weight that I increased as I went, then I did some side raises and front raises with rear deltoid flys. Then I took some heavier dumbbells and did some standard shoulder flys which is something I surprisingly overlook often. I also set a new personal best for trap shrugs with 255lbs and then did my standard rotator cuff exercises (innnies and outties) for 3 sets which I make more fun by doing 10 pushups at the end of each set.

Back and shoulders now thoroughly worked out I decided to kick out 20 minutes on the treadmill for a 2 mile run at 7-8mph which is a speed I’m trying to get more used to on the treadmill, then jacking the incline up for the last minute or two of the run to run uphill as hard as I can… my goal is to finish that short run with a harder uphill run every time hoping it’ll increase my VO2 Max a little for longer runs in the future. We’ll see! Exercise in the bag on one of my longest exercise days and squeezed that into 2 hours.

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