Exercise Log 10.11.13 (Chest Day, No Cardio)

Had a meetup dinner Friday so I only had a limited time for my chest workout. I condensed it to a solid hour, skipped my cardio. After warmups I did some bench presses on the smith machine, tried to go as heavy as possible there but my bench pressing is still weak so didn’t succeed. Still hit the bench press at a forward incline then a flat press, and did some declined dumbbell flys to hit the lower part of my chest. Then I tried to chest press 60lb dummbbells but failed, so instead I went down to 50. Crossover cable flys have been my latest addition to my chest workout, I call them pledge of allegiance flys because I typically hold one arm across my chest to feel the pec that is working so I can tell my form is proper. I believe I also did conventional flys, but I’m not quite sure as I’m recording this the day after. One of these days I’ll just write it down as I go, I guess, and stop with the guesswork.

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