Exercise Log 10.7.13 (Back Day + Cardio)

I always bug my friends on Facebook with exercise updates, well why not bug everyone on the whole internet by posting them on my blog instead? These are all for my personal reference, but I like sharing.

Today was back and shoulder day, my back exercise was compromised of some iso-lateral high rows, deadlifts, dumbbell rows, curl bar bent over rows, lateral pull downs and chin ups. Shoulders did some light dumbbell overhead presses superset with reverse dumbbell flys, then side raises with even lighter weight and good form with foward dumbbell shoulder flys. Trap shrugs because trap shrugs are fun, rotator cuff “innies and outties” with the lightest possible weight superset with pushups. Decided to wrap up with a light run, 2 miles @ 7mph on the treadmill with a finisher of a minute and a half of running at a steep incline as hard as I could, no breaks from start to finish.

All in all refreshing evening… but I feel like I did in fact go through more exercises than these ones listed, like I forgot a couple… but I should be glad I remember what I do! Maybe I need to add ginkgo biloba to my supplement list, give the brain a little pep!

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