An Appeal

As a political independent I have said for many years the worst aspect of our political system is the polarization of our political bases. While Democrats have participated in that process it is clear, and was clear to me when Trump was elected, that Republicans have finally broke the steering wheel and drifted to the extreme end of fascism. Republicans are seduced by the idea of a one party state.

As someone who believes that no major party is politically mature, the idea of one party taking total control with this mindset is the worst case scenario for our country’s future. It’s a future of never ending culture war to stamp out “wrong think” and systemic corruption of due process, the erosion of rights.

The Supreme Court is imbalanced politically largely due to machinations of the right to subvert the Constitutional process of approving judges. Roe v Wade is a sign of how much one sided change can suddenly happen. That’s just the start of a process to erase one side’s views of rights and freedoms in a legal context.

I appeal to any political independent out there to carefully evaluate how you vote in these next elections. You could be involuntarily murdering democracy and the two party system if you fail to act. With enough loss at the voting booth it is my belief that Republicans can return to a state of normalcy where they are eventually going to be concerned again with actual policy and not just waging a culture war for power and control. However they have to lose these elections to lose that vigor for fascism.

If you don’t normally vote, feel disaffected with politics and otherwise in the past were annoyed with the left and right today is the day to change. Vote party line Democrat in 2022 and 2024 or you may not see a choice for much longer.

World War 3 very well may be just around a corner, we can’t be this divided for much longer.

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